The 90’s trend: MAC Velvet Teddy!



Bright and bold lipsticks are my favorites! I find that wearing them flatters my skin tone really well, and they make me feel extra glamorous. However, the 90’s trend is in, and a lot celebrities and beauty vloggers are wearing browns, nudes, and beige lip colors with their makeup looks. Aside from that, overlining the lips is popular too which I am not really into. I rarely wear lip liners and I don’t really want to look extra pouty. Hehe.

One of the most popular lipstick shades that I hear a lot of is the MAC Velvet Teddy because of “Kylie Jenner” who I think wore it a lot on her Instagram page. Other MAC products that she wore were MAC Lip Pencils in Whirl, and SoarMAC Velvet Teddy is a “deep-tone beige” on the MAC Website, and retails for $16. Unfortunately, this shade is not sold in the local counters of the Philippines. I bought mine from @chiccosmetics when they had it is stock, for Php 850, if I recall correctly.

Let us now take a look!

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Collective BeautyMNL Makeup Haul!

BeautyMNL Logo

image from

We all love hauls, don’t we? :-) Last year, a new online shopping website launched called BeautyMNL. The happy makeup hoarder in me rejoiced because I can now easily buy MORE makeup that I want with just a few clicks. Some of the brands they offer are not widely available so this website is really a heaven-sent for all beauty junkies like me!

Our Magazine provides fun and insightful articles tailor-fit to the Filipina’s lifestyle, whether it’s finding a good sunscreen for Philippine weather or the best shade of red lipstick to match your skin tone. With the help of our celebrity gurus, we bring you tips, easy how-tos, and great beauty trends you can actually rock in the tropics (promise).
Our Shop, on the other hand, makes everything we talk about immediately accessible to you. We’ve partnered with makeup mavens, skincare savants, hair authorities, and so many other brilliant beauty magicians that we know you’re going to love. Our curated assortment of products lets you stock up on beauty staples, and even get your hands on buzzy miracle cures like Moroccan Argan oil and Korean snail cream.

So in BeautyMNL, you can shop for both high-end and drugstore items easily and most of the time, for a discount. I also love that you can get 20% off your first purchase, and they also ship nationwide.

I didn’t readily buy from the website because the package usually arrives in a plastic pouch instead of a box. I think they are trying to save up for packaging. I fear that some items won’t be well protected if they are only in a plastic pouch. I hope that they will improve on that in the future.

All of the items were not bought at the same time, just to put it out there. Let us now see what I got! :-)

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InstaGlam FOTDs # 1

Been so busy lately, so today I thought of sharing some of my makeup looks from my Instagram! If you are not following me, just click —> @plumpcheeksblog! Comments are always welcome!

Look # 1: Drugstore brands offer great eyeshadows, so I used my itsjudytime eyeshadow palette here. It’s my first time to wear my Dior Fluid Stick in Mona Lisette too, which I really love!

Wearing Dior Fluid Stick in Mona Lisette. 💕 #nofilter

A photo posted by Juvy | Plump Cheeks (@plumpcheeksblog) on

Look # 2: Doing smokey eyes needs a lot of practice in order not to look like a panda. Elaine, of FlabsRuleTheWorld had me inspired to do it, but it’s nearly half perfect of how she did hers!

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e.l.f. Studio Face Brushes that You Shoud Try!


It is important to have great quality brushes to do better makeup application. I always hear beauty gurus talking about how you should have the right tools so that it will be easier to apply makeup. My first brush collection sets were from Real Techniques, they are the Core collection, and the Eye Starter Set. They are great quality brushes and they really help apply and blend my makeup well. The great thing is that all of them are still with me until now even after so many washes.

Real Techniques brushes are only available online then, so I thought of looking for brushes that are locally available. I have heard so many high praises for e.l.f. Studio brushes that’s why I bought some to try for myself. I have bought several brushes already but I have these five face brushes that I always use, and I can say are my favorites!

Each face brush costs about Php 250+ now, but I bought some of them before for less. In the U.S., they cost only $3.00 each. They are anti-bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brushes that are softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products.

Let’s now take a look!

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Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie StyLIZed Acrylic Set

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie StyLIZed Acrylic Set

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie StyLIZed Acrylic Set

Happy Skin did it again! They made a dent on my wallet again. Haha! This is not my very first lip set from Happy Skin, but this is my first post about them. I started collecting the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies since they came out with the Summer Edition set, and since then, I collected a bunch! I think I am only missing less than five to complete my collection.

One thing, I love all the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies! They really moisturize my often dry and chapped lips, but my lips never felt greasy! Some of the shades may leave a stain for longer lasting wear.

Today, let me share my latest collection.

Happy Skin gets StyLIZed with a limited-edition collaboration with style icon Liz Uy! The fashion editor & celebrity stylist presents the three key lip hues to add to your style wardrobe: 24 CARATS (pink), RED CARPET (red), and STYLE ICON (nude). Like true style essentials, these lippies can be worn on different occasions and worn multiple ways. A must-have for every girl who wants to be StyLIZed!

PHP 1,799.00

I would like to share how it looks on me. I have a medium skin tone, and I think most Filipino women have the same complexion like mine. Hope that this post will be helpful!

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Clinique Cheek Pops Blushes Swatches & Review!

Clinique Cheek Pops

Clinique Cheek Pops

I confess that I have a lot backlogs because I buy a lot of stuff, and forget to write about them. I bought these super pretty Clinique Cheek Pops blushes almost a year ago but kept forgetting to review it here. It’s a good thing that they are very much in for Spring and Summer! I can also give you a better review because I have used them for a long time. :-)

What it is:
An effortless, natural cheek color.

What it does:
Discover pure, natural cheek color that looks virtually powderless. This silky smooth, stay-true formula comes in a shade for every season for an effortless, natural blush of just-pinched pop.

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BDJ Box for January- February 2015 Unboxing: Kawaii Must-haves!

BDJBox JanFeb2015

BDJBox JanFeb2015 (2)

It is indeed a happy new year to all bellas because BDJ Box merged two months boxes into one, and the theme is Kawaii Must-haves!

ka·waii is an adjective in Japanese meaning ” pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet” It’s stem is two kanji meaning “can love”. It is commonly used by anime and manga fans. (SOURCE)

 This box is indeed worth it because it includes full-sized items, and they are items that I can see myself using. Let us now take a look of what are inside!

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Fashion Inspiration to Keep Warm!

Spring Must-Haves from

I am the least fashionable girl that you’ll ever meet but I still love to dress up from time to time. Because of the cold weather like what we have now, I normally choose clothes that will make me feel warmer especially when I work in the office, or stroll around the mall.

The clothes and accessories that I put together above is what I would typically wear. The cute sweater that I chose is a three-fourths sleeve, just because a long-sleeve would be too formal for an everyday wear for me. I also want to be comfortable just in case the weather gets too warm. (Hello, tropical weather!) :-D

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MAC Lipstick in Diva (finally!)

MAC Lipstick in Diva (4)

MAC Lipstick in Diva (5)

Ahhhh, I finally got you, MAC Diva! Along with my Holiday haul was this lipstick that my friend, Mela, bought from U.S.! It is a $16 tube (w/o tax!) :-P but I am still pretty happy that I got it cheaper. Each tube costs Php 1000 here in the Philippines.

Diva is a very popular shade. It has an “intense reddish burgundy shade” with a matte finish. I am really in love with MAC lipsticks because so far, all the lipsticks that I bought were amazing. I have still a lot of shades on my wishlist but let’s talk about that later. Hehe.

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MAC Keepsakes Viva Glamorous Lip Palette Swatches!

Viva Glamorous Lip Palette (8)

Viva Glamorous Lip Palette

For the first time ever, six of our most iconic VIVA GLAM shades together in a new Viva Glamorous Lip Palette, a sleek little compact with shades from shimmery pink beige to pearlized plum. Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


When the holiday collections started to pop up everywhere from different brands last year, this particular lip palette caught my eye, and I knew that I wanted it. I don’t own any MAC Viva Glam lipsticks so to have one palette, with all the six Viva Glam shades, for only $40, is such a steal! Each tube of MAC lipsticks costs $16 per 3 grams and this palette has 1.2 grams each. Fortunately, a dear friend got me this palette in the U.S. so I got it exactly for $40!

I have not worn each of them on a full day, so this post is more likely a swatch fest for you. There are reviews of each shade online if you want more information about them. So, let’s begin!

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