Tips and Tricks: DIY Natural Brush Cleaner!

My body and mind are seriously not working well this week because it’s that time of the month again. Ladies, you know what that means! I have a lot to share, but I can’t seem to start writing about them yet. But, I found this very helpful DIY project from and I am sure you’ll love it. I am excited to try this out too, to save some cash to buy more makeup. Lol!

So here it is:

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All you need to do is boil some water, wait for a few minutes to cool it down a bit. Add distilled white vinegar, dip your brush and swirl it, reshape and then dry it flat. So quick and easy!

Do you have any other tips and tricks to clean your brush? Share!


Product Empties & Mini Reviews #3

Product Empties Header

Hooray for empties! This is a very late post because I have already collected a lot of items in a paper bag. It is a big accomplishment for me to use up products, and even just hit pan on them. It means that I am able to get the full benefits of the product and the worth of my money. Honestly, there are some products here that already expired because I did not use them that much, but you’ll know why.

I love reading this kind of posts because I get ideas of what others are enjoying and those products may also work for me. I have used up a lot of bath products, but there are several beauty products as well. For now, I only featured beauty (and some skin care) product empties so that this post won’t be that long. I will probably post the bath products next, so stay tuned! Let’s now see what my empties are! :)

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BDJ Box for June 2014 Unboxing: Benefit Cosmetics (Part 2!)

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Hashtag, late post! Hehe.

Unboxing a BDJ Box has been so therapeutic to me. I always feel my energy spike up because I am always eager to know what I will get. I have been a subscriber for more than a year already, and so far, so good! There were some boxes that did not exceed my high expectations, but majority did, so I am not going to give this box up yet! *wink*

BDJ Stickers

When I opened my June box, I felt kind of disappointed because I thought I will be getting the same deluxe samples that I already got from the March BDJ Box, but in fairness to this box, it contains three samples that I haven’t tried yet. How I wish that Benefit Cosmetics products are a little less expensive so that I can buy as many products as I want. Hehe. Let’s now move on to the contents of this box.

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The TANGLE TEEZER Detangling Hairbrush Review



Tangle Teezer Original professional detangling hairbrush is THE creative hair brush which is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It’s a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed and quickly and efficiently detangles hair leaving it silky, smooth and knot.

Featuring patented, uniquely designed teeth which flex and flick as they glide through the hair, Tangle Teezer eliminates tangles and knots on contact and minimises breakage, damage and splitting often caused by tugging and pulling on the hair shaft. Source

Are you having a hard time brushing your hair after bath because they are all wiry and tangled? The Tangle Teezer might be the hairbrush of your dreams! I discovered this hairbrush while watching different beauty gurus on YouTube. I often see Shaaanxo using this to brush her hair. Curious as I always am, I researched what it is and found that Luxola carries the brand. I bought the Original Mandarin Sweetie shade for 30 SGD (Php 1,069), but it is currently sold at for £10.20 inc. VAT. The price I got it for is not bad at all because I was able to avail of free shipping because I reached Php 1,300.

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On My Nails #6: Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Nail Color


When I go to the mall, I usually don’t have a shopping list on hand so I sometimes end up buying things on impulse. That’s a very bad attitude, so please don’t be like me. If you want to buy something, do a little research first so that you will love what you get. Anyhow, I went inside Forever 21 at SM North Edsa, The Block to buy some nail art tools. Upon browsing, I saw the whole nail polish collection, and I ended up choosing colors that I liked. Because I do not have this Glitter Polish yet, I decided to pick it up. It doesn’t have a name on it, it just says “Blue/Pink”. It would be better if they put a specific name, right? The nail polish costs Php 150 per bottle, not bad for its size, so I picked up this, and the Sand Lacquer you see at the back.

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BDJ Box Elite Unboxing: Be Your Own Heroine with Heroine Make!

HM Header

Last week, I received an email from BDJ Box about their newest Elite Box! I got so curious about what it includes so I did some little research on their Facebook page. The BDJ Elite Box is featuring Heroine Make. Heroine What?! I do not know anything about this brand, but here’s what BDJ Box says…

When we were little kids, we used to adore the heroines in Japanese cartoons on how beautiful they look, even in the most intense scenes. Now that we’re all grown up, we love to emulate their faultless and flawless makeup that stays put, no matter what happens.

Now, it’s time for you Bellas to experience budge-proof makeup that no sweat or tears can defeat with our Exclusive Heroine Make Edition of BDJ Box!

Your eyes are the focus, with a mix of 4 different products to highlight your peepers. We selected a mascara that has an extremely long-lasting formula, so you can sob your heart out at the greatest romantic tragedy of the year without the fear of a mascara meltdown. For heroines who wish to always have their eyes beautifully lined, we’ve included a smudge-free liner that is sweat and sebum resistant. For more drama, lift your lashes to new heights with stunning falsies for a trendy and natural look. Complete your eye look with an eyebrow liner that applies smoothly on the skin, giving a natural finish to your brows so your eyes are perfectly framed.

Brave a thunderstorm without worries with water-resistant sunblock, BB Cream and powder that protects your skin, and smoothens skin imperfections and visible pores.

All these unbelievably long-lasting makeup in your Exclusive Heroine Make Elite BDJ Box to bring out the leading lady in all of us.

Barbi, Erica, Kate, Nicole, Tara and the BDJ Team

This BDJ Elite Box costs Php 1,480. I just can’t let this box pass. I want a new eyeliner, and I want to discover these Japanese products. Why not? EIGHT PRODUCTS for only Php 1,480? Such a steal, IMO! :D

These products, I read somewhere, will soon be available at Watson’s. So no need to wait that long! Let us now see what I got!

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